“On the Waiting List”

Richard Ibbotson has a long eventful career history in Autism

We could produce many shows on AutisticRadio.com from his resume.

The present, in real time, what he is doing right now, is however, our focus.

In “On the Waiting list” we discussed the experiences of those waiting for a diagnosis.

His Parents Helpline is a current need and valuable contribution to the autistic family.

He promotes the understanding of the Autistic experience.

Parents are looking for guidance from Richard.

Richard has an open ear to our Authentic Conversations at AutisticRadio.com.

Its a route for us towards representation.

We intend to engage with Richard again to contribute to “On the Waiting list”

Perhaps Richard will bring his calm assured voice regularly, to AutisticRadio.com

We will ask him.


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