The organisation’s charitable purposes as set out in the (draft) governing document.

The advancement of education of the public in relation to the disability; Autistic Spectrum Disorder. (A.S.D.)
The promotion of equality and diversity for the A.S.D. disability group

What are the activities or projects the organisation intends to run?

Broadcast internet radio via the website autisticradio.com
Creating podcasts talk radio discussions and informational programming.

Distribute information using traditional media, internet publishing and social media sites.

Create media campaigns and Publicity in relation to A.S.D.

Establish and run a helpline chat facility through the website AutisticHelpline.org

Use traditional media and new media developments which become available analagous to the above.

How will these activities help achieve the organisation’s charitable purposes

By signposting the public (including autistic people their families & supporters) to existing A.S.D. resources

Increase the availabilty of information which enables a better understanding of A.S.D.

By disseminating and making available new research into Autistic Spectrum Disorder as it becomes available.

Who will benefit from these activities?

Disabled Autistic Individuals, their carers and families.

Those allied to the Autism charity community.

Researchers into Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Organisations which represent the interests of the Autistic Community.

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