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Various Logos are required for websites and apps we are using variations of these

  • https://www.facebook.com/AutisticRadioCom/
  • https://twitter.com/AutisticRadio

Lynsey Joined Spectrum voices as our professional on 12 July for one hour.

She continues alongside Richard and Corrie from Autistic Network Scotland in a new form.Website: http://www.theautismnetwork.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Autism_Network

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutismNetworkScotland/

She also has established a consultancy business which is flourishing.

Lynsey described her academic research in an accessible way using lay terms.
Dementia and autism is an under represented research area.
We hope to provide assistance whenever she has use for the Spectrum Voices Forum.
She also encouraged us in developing the Radio project. She sees value in our intention to create an open access conversation about Autistic Experience and Identity.
She is willing to keep in contact with us and actively engage in our projects.

I am looking forward to Lynsey recording a conversation with us in the near future.
The group is dedicated to including the conventional Autism professionals in our conversations in a balanced open manner. Both Ewelina and Lynsey are cooperative in our goals and we are confident that our guest Richard on the 19th July will also continue to add his support.

We also briefly discussed a public transport initiative designed to protect women from harrassment by staring. Maurice expressed the concern that application of this initiative might cause autistic people difficulty. Autistic people might behave in ways that are not readily understood and find themselves subjected to sanction..

A new member Nicholas is getting to know us and we hope to make him comfortable as he explores his relationship to Autism and Neurodiversity.

There have been an unexpected trickle of sign-ups at the
autism-positive.com website.(Autistic Radio Day)
Without any promotion we appear to be found because people are actively searching.

to distribute our words we have to have a visual identity that is recognised across platforms in different shapes sizes and resolutions. To stand out we have gone simple. Alongside the multi coloured images and complex identities of radio stations and podcasts ours is quite oddly unique. Which seems appropriate.

Authentic Conversations
is the brand identity.
Those two words express why we are unique in the spaces.

Best Regards

Link Below to research conference

The UK’s leading autism research festival is back for another year bringing together autism researchers, autistic people, family members and professionals to discuss how we can continue to make real progress towards happy, healthy, long lives for all autistic people.

The 2022 Festival will take place from 11-15 July with presentations across topics such as mental health, diagnosis and women, healthcare and employment.


  • https://www.facebook.com/AutisticRadioCom/
  • https://twitter.com/AutisticRadio

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