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Spectrum Voices Forum

The Autistic members received interest from Richard and Lynsey in the recent forum meeting but neither were available to attend. We will continue to hold occasional group mixed meetings and invite participation from the Autism professionals.

Spectrum Voices Conversation


There are two versions of Autscape being attemped this year for the first time: Online and in person.

We have offered to present at the August online Autscape. We have received an invitation to present in the short format that is designed for introductions by groups like our own.

Additionally we have offered to run a screening room of the online Autscape at the in person autscape event. We have offered lcd screens computers and staff to make the screening room autonomous.

If the offer is accepted our group would add cohesion to the two conferences without creating additional work for the Autscape team.


Our offer to present at this international conference was for the short format of twenty minutes.

Ocaliconline has requested us to increase our material and fill a full 45 minutes.

We have accepted the offer and decided that our presentation will take the form of an AutisticRadio.com broadcast recording. Julian and Harry will presnt jointly with pre prepared material and Justin and Maurice may decide to add their own words spontaneously on the day of recording.


Progress towards a start date for Autistic Radio Day is working out well.

We have been working to get familiarised with the professional microphones by making recordings for a while.

We are now moving our practice sessions to a podcasting platform and learning the software.

Live recordings will be made offline without listeners. We hope to create recordings that will have a live feel but still have the control to edit them before making them available to listeners.

Dedicated broadcasting equipment set ups are the next step. During the next few days equipment will be distributed to the Autistic group.

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