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Scottish Autism Conference 12 May 2022

Summary of recent activities:

Spectrum voices conversation has expanded and now meets twice a week.

Every Sunday 7-8PM Every Tuesday 10-11AM

Lively discussions and sharing of personal Autistic perspectives every session.

Spectrum Voices Forum.

Our first Mixed group of 2022 received a lot of positive comments.

We propose another Forum on Tuesday 31st May 10 AM in the hope that Ewelina Lyndsey and Richard are able to attend. The meeting is limited to one hour only.

Alternative dates could be arranged to enable the three professionals to co-ordinate diaries. Our Sunday and Tuesday meetings are weekly so there are many opportunities.


Members have offered to present at the international online conference and completed the necessary application.

“Spectrum Voices Conversation AutisticRadio.com”, “Authentic Autistic Perspectives for Engagement”

Proposal Type: Lecture (1 – 4 Presenters) Julian Barton Harry McCormack (plus)


The theme this year is Interdependence.

Autscape will for the first time be both an in person event and offer content online.

Spectrum voices has applied to make an online presentation of their activities and offer the Autisic radio project as a model for autistic groups.


Members have created conversation and material for editing on two subjects: Masking and Anxiety.

We are working towards content for broadcast on the upcoming Autistic Radio Day.

Scottish Autism Conference. 12 April 2022

Scottish Autism offered engagement with Autistic people by reducing its fees.

Spectrum voices will attend and use the post conference videos as inspiration for discussion.

We intend to review the content and make presentations a focus of discussion and use the results to create content for Autistic radio Day.

Please consider whether you know other Autistic individuals or additional Autism prfessionals that might wish to drop in at the meetings.

We have created a reliable format that many would find comfortable and useful to experience.


https://join.skype.com/HgBYErWo4fCx to join a meeting.

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