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Spectrum Voices Forum

Short Notice Meeting

10 AM Tuesday 22 March 2022

The second meeting of 2022 has been booked in order to enable discussion of Ocalicon 2022 before the closing date for applications and additionally to accommodate the diary of:

Dr Ewelina Rydzewska. Affiliate (Institute of Health & Wellbeing) Edinburgh University
Experienced researcher with a track record of working in the field of autism and learning disability.

Using this date at short notice will allow one meeting rather than two.

We need your thoughts about:
Presenting at Ocalicon, Involving ourselves with Autscape, Autistic representation.

Welcoming new participants:
This is a meeting open to your friends and colleagues feel free to invite them.

Discussion subjects will also include:
Autism Network Scotland, Correspondence from Mr Richard Ibbotson received, Autistic Radio Day.

Any other Business?
Join in to add a subject.

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