A notes record for our first wholly autistic-organised meeting, at the point of change:

Maurice writes:

The Spectrum Voices forum online meeting on 31 Jan 22

discussed several items.

Making it easier for autistics to join in discussions and occasions: to understand and work around limits to confidence. The value of open personal communication to ensuring feeling equally welcomed.

We have concern on adult impacts of the Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions to Adulthood) (Scotland) Bill: a Member’s Bill introduced for a second time, raised in the Cross-Party Group recently. It will give councils a duty to have a “transition plan” for each autistic young person, which can continue up to age 26 if seen as needed. This must raise a potential for social services intrusions, into life choices and organising, well into early adulthood, and potential for conflict with personal liberty around mental health or career aims.

For a prospective radio project, how to approach the possibility of radio interviewing.

Julian writes:

Immediately after the meeting Lesley wrote to the members confirming the closing of ANS.

The Spectrum Voices Project will continue Julian will write to both Lesley and Richard who have previously facilitated our discussions. We hope that as their lives settle that they will continue to add value to the group with advice and occasional participation.

Lesley is continuing her PHD and employment at Strathclyde and Richard’s career continues to be related to autism and the support of autistic people.

We wish both of them success.

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