Spectrum Voices Conversation LIVE UNCUT Unedited Conversation & Open Planning Meeting

Spectrum Voices Meets Live Every Sunday 6PM UK time 1PM EST . We make the whole conversation available raw and unedited on Podbean live

We also edit conversations into Podcasts ………………………………………………………………



Short Podcast edit: A few ideas from the Spectrum Voices conversation With cleaned up sound and pauses removed.

A few ideas from the Spectrum Voices conversation With cleaned up sound and pauses removed..

“Late Late diagnosis Show”     “On the Waiting List”

“Explain Me Autism”     “Autism & Me”


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Listening to each other .

Using our Authentic Voices

We are creating

Listen Radio 

not Talk Radio


When we hear each other we are supporting each other. Its about using our own authentic voices. No music No Adverts No DJs.

Latest Episode

Our Story so Far

We are making steady slow continuous progress. We are not in a big hurry. You can join us right at the start of the AutisticRadio.com Journey.

Autisticradio.com is here for us.

It’s what we do. To put our voices out there.

We decide what to talk about. And we meet regularly.

That’s us at spectrum voices conversation.

But we’re also building a network and.

Besides our two hours on a Sunday.

There are 24 hours every day in which you could use that.

We will work with you. To.

Make different kinds of programs.

Have them on listen again or podcast.

We will act as facilitators. Cleaning up audio.

We will build that.

But for now we’re quite happy with what we have and what we have. Is.

A constant, regular meeting every Sunday.  Occasionally a member of the public comes in and asks a question. Thats Good.

There’s no need for us to. Set up an intention to say that we are going to be the next big thing.

We don’t want to go viral.

We want to build slowly something that we are happy with and that we understand. As well autistically authentic.

It’s very easy to end up running too quickly. And masking what other people think these formats should be.

Our immediate need is to. Work on our editing and our sound. Because for autistic people, one of the. Difficulties with podcasts is the sensory input of some of the advertisements and some of the unexpected music.

We’re stripping it back to a quiet conversation between peers.

For the first half an hour of every meeting.

We talk about the concept of what we’re trying to do and we ask you to join us and advise. Give feedback and put ideas in there too. It’s early and it can be moulded.

So whether you’re an autistic person who wants a voice or whether you’re a professional who wants to encourage a group of autistic people to get a voice: You’re welcome to join us.

You’re welcome to join us if you’re somebody with a curiosity about autism. Pre diagnosis perhaps? Or thinking about going into a career in autism and wondering what autistic people are like.

We hope to give a positive representation of a wide range of autistic people not just the people who are often portrayed as in desperate need.

We are such a wide spectrum we have to in some way regards take control of how we are seen. And this we hope to do. Quietly and gently. In our own space with our own determination.

Join us on at spectrum voices. Every Sunday. 6:00 o’clock. Greenwich mean time. Or Universal Standard Time.

Which will be 5 hours earlier. So 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Sunday lunchtime, Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

You don’t have to speak You can text. or just listen.

We read the text that comes through on the site we use.

We don’t badger anyone to join the conversation. You are allowed to just listen like radio.

You may wish to create your own conversation with your own group. We will help. 

Stop by see what you think. And when you’re ready, you decide

This Test Broadcast isn’t Slick

It is “Autistically Authentic”


Authentic Autistic Conversations

Episode -10 The prequel tapes

Episode -10 the prequels!

August 14th 2022
Featuring Spectrum Voices Conversation

Heres an excerpt from the latest conversation. Harry Maurice Jules use their voices. Justin and Nicholas mostly text. Yes you can join in by text.

We each have different & perfectly valid  communication styles.

Our intention is to keep it Autistically real. Our voices work well enough as they are ….. and so will yours.

How we express ourselves is unpolished and authentic.

We wish to express our thoughts and identity without any need to adapt to others idea of a “radio voice” !




Recent Episodes

On the Waiting List (in Production)

Professional Richard joined us and described the issues of families waiting for diagnosis. He organises a helpline.

The Late late diagnosis show (in production)

Conversations about Identifying as an autistic adult

Teach me Autism (in production)

Jules is newly diagnosed what can you teach him from your experiences

You don't look autistic !! (planned)

lets find some responses to this common Neurotypical phrase

Sign up Be informed 


Its early days in the development of Autisticradio.com You can get involved now at the beginning or you can get an alert when we are up and broadcasting. 

 If you have skills or an idea to offer you are welcome to influence the growth of AutisticRadio.com at the germination stage of the seed.

Broadcasting soon!

We have already done most of the fundraising and putting the infrastucture in place. Autistic Radio Day s 27, 28,29,30 December 2022  Four programme events of mixed live interaction and recorded content. Join us 6PM-8PM

Send your ideas direct to inspire us


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