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Charity Fund

All our costs are paid by sponsors ensuring that if you give a pound the whole pound works for Autistic Association SCIO

What We Do….

Support U.K. Autistic Adults & Children by enhancing communication skills & promoting self esteem and self reliance.

We are Autistic too !

Our work reaches Autistic People with a unique empathy. We know Autism from the inside.

The knowledge that comes from our our own hearts informs our actions.

Autistic people reach other autistic people through their shared identities. Straight to the heart of the issues.

Your support enables us to improve understanding and enhance communication.


We reach out to educate and inform. Our programming is inclusive.

Professionals in autism research take part in co-operation with autistic people and their families.  Offering alternatives to widely held misunderstandings & opportunities to rethink stereotypes. 


Someone a bit like yourself

When you are in a small minority you can feel alone. We provide healthy examples of positive autistic identity. 

 Sharing experiences

Self esteem is built from a healthy sense of identity. Autistic Association offers strategies to enable resilience in healthy minds.

Recent Podcasts

& Live Radio

Autistic Association Canongate Jedburgh Roxburghshire TD8 6AJ

Tel: 0131 618 3131

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