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Is it possible to have this important conversation?

We need to talk.

Are you someone who can speak to us with equity in the communication?

It is time to have an exchange of knowledge from Behaviourists to the Autistic Community and from the Autistic community to the Behaviourists.

Our audio model makes this possible if you are willing.



Jules Autistic Radio

                   “I want to change ABA. “

“I don’t know how or what is the thing I want to change yet.  I just know that I want to know enough about it so that I can, bring something to it.  

So I can bring some piece of knowledge that I know from my childhood or from my adult life as an autistic person.

I want to change it somehow, even though I don’t know what that change is yet.” 

                   “Is that going to happen? “

Andrew Swartfigure 

UK-SBA website link

“Well,  the short answer is the opportunity is there for that discourse.  Rather than dance around the houses, I’m going to say yes, but I just don’t know how long it will take.”


The big conversation we need to have in autism is the one about behaviourism.

Our project here is opening channels of communication.


Do you have something to share?

We will enable your “voice”

Join us for a LIVE Autistic Conversation

about our autism.

Every Sunday Spectrum Voices 6PM UK 1PM EST in USA
Open Meeting – Harry`s Facebook

Raw Authentic Autistic Unscripted Unedited. 
Sometimes difficult subjects but most people will be comfortable with our choices. 
Short Edited Version Published as podcasts
Are you involved in or can recommend a neurodivergent project to encourage?
We are all autistic and make our recordings in a very appropriate method for the neurodivergent community. Lets co-operate !

Contact us:

Link Us – Network Us – Share Us
Autistic Autism Radio News@AutisticRadio.com


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