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Welcome to The Autistic Advocate

Before you get started I’d like to let you know a few things;

This website incorporates my experiences as an Autistic person and an Autism Professional but, much more importantly, it is a place of collective stories, reflecting on the barriers facing Autistic people. It addresses the negative narrative of Autism, focusing on Autism as an Identity, as an acceptable Neurology, while at the same time addressing the aspects of being Autistic that can be disabling, both by society, but as a Disability too.

It’s a resource for Autistic people, Parents and Professionals to help you understand various concepts around Autism, get practical advice and take on the highly valuable inside perspective.

Much of what you read here you may find challenging, I hope so, because without being challenged we never learn or grow. I’m trying hard to make life better for all Autistic people through my Writing, my Public Speaking, through the Consultancy and Training I deliver; Through my research; and by supporting Autistic people and their families both online and offline.

Everything I work towards is focused on bringing about positive, sustainable and productive change that betters the lives of Autistic people, young and old.

I hope you find this site to be meaningful, real, useful and beneficial. 

Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate

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