Jules has the opportunity to receive post diagnostic support from Sarah Gardiner through Autism Initiatives. 

“I felt I was receiving the gold standard of empathetic inclusion.”

“Sarah the facilitator is some-one to learn from”



The funders request for a Meaningful input from Autistic People has been interpreted differently by different organisational recipients with varying degrees of honesty. This organisation did not fudge the request for inclusion by the funders.

The Autistic lead in this programme has fully implemented the required standard and we will follow the programme as it progresses. 

Autistic Adult Support Fund

The Autistic Adult Support Fund aims to help adults with an autism diagnosis, self-identified autistic adults, and their families and carers understand what neurodivergence means for them and improve their wellbeing.

Facilitated by Inspiring Scotland, and funded by the Scottish Government, the Autistic Adult Support Fund builds on the work of a pilot which ran between 2020 and 2022 to provide post diagnostic support to autistic people.

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