What an amazing couple of days. We are so grateful to have launched the magazine. We have had more than 600 views of the magazine within 24 hours! Thank you for the shares and likes. You all are AMAZING!

A huge amount of love and spoons goes to Jenny Loughran who literally put every ounce of herself into this magazine over the past 18 months. This magazine would not exist without her.

To Jenny, thank you for the sacrifices you have made of your own time over the past year and a half. We are all in awe of you.

Today, Laura Hellfeld Neurodivergent Nurse Consulting and I (Neurodivergent Neuropsychology) had a wonderful chat about AR with the hosts of AutisticRadio. We will share it when it is released.

To those who prefer alternative versions of the magazine (less moving pictures or still photos), we are working on those. Accessibility matters—because this magazine is for all of us.

We are humbled and thankful for the responses so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Associate Editors AR Team-


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